The history of Reef Tiger actually can date back to the times of hundreds years ago, with its very first beginning of foundation, this brand was deeply sought after by the folks because of its superb craftsmanship and outstanding design as well as the accessible price. AD 1898, of the time only either royalties or people with certain status have the right to occupy wristwatches, talented designer Stephane Reef from Geneva and his lifetime friend the British nobility Leandro Tiger hold on the mutual dream of popularizing the wristwatch to average person, on base of their passion and obsession to watchmaking, started to throw themselves into the watchmaking industry, by virtue of excellent watchmaking skills from Stephane Reef and strong financial support from Leandro Tiger, along with the continuous development and improvement, a stylish and vibrant brand – Reef Tiger is officially born. But as the world war 2 broke out, the entire Swiss watch was shrouded by great depression, Reef Tiger was also suffered downfall for years as most other watch brands suffering too. In 1995, the descendants of these two family made a great decision about to revive this century-old watch brand, leading by fifth heirs Michae Reef and Audrey Tiger, under the application of modern machinery technology and management strategies, plus the combination of century-old watchmaking skills, they successfully revived this old watch brand and injected new young vitality. In 2011, Reef Tiger successfully step into the Chinese market.

Reef Tiger

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